Convert Bookmarks into Tags

I would like to convert a bookmark and the bookmarked content into a tag.
Is that possible without tagging each individual album in the bookmark?

This should be very easy to do.
A bookmark is a selection (collection) of a number of albums (or tracks , …).
Selecting the bookmark shows all the related albums.
Click right to select the first album, and then ckick select all.
Then click the 3 vertical dots at the top and select Add tot Tag.

Would you care to explain what you are trying to achieve, as I use tags and bookmarks in the opposite way?

I create a bookmark for (most of) my tags, in order to view with one click albums with a specific tag.
If I add a new album, and tag it a with a specific tag, the corresponding bookmark will automatically include this new album


Hi Dirk
thank you for the reply.

I use tags on my iphone more than bookmarks. It is a question of my preferences on the iphone.
On the big screen PC i prefer bookmarks. On the ipad i use both.

And then I have different folders, like Jazz Piano High Res, Jazz Piano CD etc… these are bookmarked and on occasions I need tags for easier iphone handling.

Hi Miklats,

Dirk’s option of highlighting all in the playlist and then adding the Tag is currently how you would do it. However, you might want to make your question a Feature Request!

Thank you Daniel. I will do that.