Convert DSD To PCM

I’m wondering if the Roon software will convert DSD to PCM on the fly like JRIVER I have about 800 albums ripped from SACDs. I use the ISO files because they have the metadata attached, the dff files do not. So that’s my second question will the software play ISO files.

Yes, PCM conversion will be part of our DSD support.

We are on the fence about supporting ISO files (we don’t even support ISO files for redbook CDs!). It’s technically complex because it means having multiple tracks in one file–something we do not support right now.

DSF files offer metadata capabilities + are the recommended format for digital end-user distribution. As of earlier this year, they now support DSD256, which was a barrier for them in a small set of use cases previously. We recommend storing DSD content in DSF files.

DFF is inconvenient, we agree–it doesn’t support metadata and includes some studio/editing features that create different complexities, including the potential for a single track to be spread among many files.

Also note that one of the major reasons for keeping around ISO files is for players that are bad at gapless playback. We don’t have that issue, even with TIDAL streaming tracks. We are sample accurate when it comes to gapless playback.