Convert local watched to local organized?

How do I convert my local watched folder to an organized folder?

Any particular reason you want to use an organized folder? We generally recommend using Watched Folders in most cases.

@Steve_Miller – please don’t do this! We are looking for a way to remove Organized folders in the future. They are a great idea, but far too dangerous to use in reality.

But I REALLY like the idea! Otherwise I have to do all of this manually😥

Hi Steve,

I was using an Organized folder doing some testing yesterday, and would not recommend using one as a storage folder. Making edits to an Organized folder at a file structure or Roon database level can result in issues.

I did, however, use an Organized folder as a tool when I was ripping.

I would rip or drag one album into the Organized folder at a time, let Roon create it’s preferred file structure and then move that file structure to the Desktop where I would edit anything that I didn’t like before finally storing it in a Watched folder (with a backup not in Roon). That meant the most that was in the Organized folder at a time was one album (and usually nothing).

This is a bit more roundabout than storing everything in an Organized folder, but I would echo Danny and Mike’s warnings about that. Dealing with a messed up file structure is not fun.

our goal long term is to kill organized folder and replace it with an “import folder”, where we organize things on first pass, but never again.

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Thanks, I’ve made my first try at using an organized folder as an import folder, sounds like a reasonable compromise.

However I still like the organized idea, I’m ripping 10-40 cds most days, and too appears to do an amazing job identifying albums. I would think that accuracy would lend itself to automated organization. (roon mis-identified one out of about 600 cds so far, several hundred more to go)

If you are importing one CD at a time and verifying the ID as you go then it is lower risk. The issue with dragging and dropping folders of many albums at an import function is that wrong IDs and odd disc numbers and track sequencing can and will creep in. When an organised folder is used then any errors that get through will be set into the files as saved. As Danny mentioned above this can be a scary mess.

There is good history and learning here on how Sooloos handled imports. Roon is much better in that you have the option to watch folders without changing any files. Use of a good CD ripper makes good sense and should yield exactly the right album/folder/file structure as the current watched folder would…but with none of the risk.