Convert PCM to DSD on the fly to DSD capable DAC

This feature is found in JRiver and Lumin music server. Can convert 16/44.1kHz to DSD64 or even DSD128. In my personal opinion, it sounds less ‘fatigue’ and ‘harsh’ due to limitation of 16/44.1kHz PCM. It may be task intensive but it worth the try?

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This will be one of fhe main benefits of the forthcoming integration with HQPlayer

I second this

Definite tip of the hat here. This would be great.

I hope integration between Hqplayer and Roon happen sooner then later.Just downloaded the free trial.Converting everything from PCM to DSD.All I can say is THE SOUND IS INCREDIBLE.

In what way is the sound different to playing back the original source unaltered?

But when HQPlayer will be integrated into Roon, there will be additional costs for the HQPlayer, right?
I already own JRiver, could the conversion also be achieved with JRiver integrated in Roon?

There’s conversion and there’s conversion; the filters etc. in HQPlayer are far superior to JRiver’s offering and the results are starkly more musical to my ears. I owned JRiver and it was my preferred music player for a while but not any more. You can install a trial version of HQPlayer if you want to experience the difference.


Have tried Pure Music,.Audrivana Plus,Jriver,Bitferfect,HQplayer.I in my opinion for sound quality HQplayer is for me the best.When HQplayer is integrated with Roon no one in my opinion will be comparable.

Hello Ray and Jason

Thank you for your verdicts.
I read that HQPlayer sounds excellent but is a nightmare from the handling angle.
I seems obvious to me that an integration of the HQPlayer into Roon could be the best of both worlds.
What is the price for the HQPlayer?

All the information is on the HQPlayer site;


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Thanks Ray

The price for HQPlayer is quite steep, especially when compared to JRiver MC :frowning:
Are the 144$ at least once? How often are there updates and how expensive are the updates?
Do you prefer HQPlayer over the usual suspects in general or just when it comes to PCM to DSD conversion? I ask this, because my wonderful Resolution Audio Cantata MC (DAC, CD-player and UPnP-player) does NOT accept DSD natively. I would have to go the opposite way, converting DSD to PCM. But I don’t have a single DSD file, so it’s no problem so far…

Do you convert everything to DSD and what DACs are you using?

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Hi Christoph,

I tried out the HQPlayer free trial and was very impressed with the sound. I didn’t convert PCM to DSD, but I did upsample from 44.1 to 192 and played with the different filters. The best way to find out if HQPlayer is right for you is to try the free trial. At the very least you will enjoy coming back to the Roon UI …

I don’t think I’m the right person to answer for Signalyst with respect to questions about HQPlayer prices etc. I have no problem with the pricing; it doesn’t seem very significant when you consider using it to get the best from several thousand dollars worth of hardware.

I have been trying HQPlayer for several months and plan to purchase it very shortly now I’m finalising a new computer with the grunt for upsampling/processing. I have found myself preferring it generally but I’m moving in the direction of on the fly converting everything to DSD for playback so HQPlayer is the obvious choice. I currently have my own built network renderer built around the Twisted Pear Buffalo DAC3 (ESS9018 chip - native DSD capable) but I’m moving to ‘DACless’ decoding of DSD (using nothing more than a low pass filter).

I recommend taking the option of the free HQPlayer trial and finding out for yourself what the fuss is about.


Won’t be dissappointed.I’m using the free trial right now.?Don’t purchase until it is integrated with Roon.I asked if I purchased now if license would carry over when integrated with Roon and I was told it would not.

I don’t understand that. I was under the impression that Roon will be interfacing with HQPlayer via its API, in which case it’s not really an integration as they’ll still be standalone software installs that just happen to know how to talk to each other and I don’t see how that would require re-licensing?


That’s what I was told by Hqplayer when I sent them a e-mail.

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Thanks for letting us know @Outlaw, certainly something others may want to take into account. I didn’t purchase HQPlayer because they have different Windows and Linux fees and I’ll eventually be running RoonServer in Linux, but this sounds like a good reason to hold off until integration.

Loving the trial period only thing that’s frustrating on a Mac is it shuts down after 30 minutes then you have to reopen.

May have misunderstood my email from HQplayer.Sent another email to Hqplayer.Here is how emails went.understand, what I mean is that Roon, or any other application can implement HQPlayer control independently. The control interface and reference source code for the control are open. It has been already implemented by Muso. And few other external modules use the control interface too.

Licensing of HQPlayer and Roon are two completely separate things and unrelated.

So I don’t have information if/when/how Roon is going to implement HQPlayer control…

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On 29.10.2015 22:51, jason pasosky wrote:
I know I have to purchase to use.Just was asking if I purchase now when
Hqplayer is integrated with Roon If the license will carry over.Would
not make sense to purchase twice.

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On Oct 26, 2015, at 3:47 AM, Jussi Laako wrote:

I don’t have information about Roon integration. No, HQPlayer license
is needed for using HQPlayer and there is no carry over to any other

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---- jason pasosky kirjoitti ----

Asked this before with no reply ? I’m a Roon Labs user.I heard
Hqplayer will be integrated with Roon in the near future.If
http://future.If I was to purchase hqplayer at present would my
license carry over when it is integrated into Roon??? Thanks