Converting a NUC from ROCK OS to Windows 10

Hi guys

I have an INTEL NUC with ROCK OS installed. I am trying to install windows 10 on this NUC as I want to use it for HQ Player server. I copied the windows iso file to a USB and trying to boot the NUC from the USB. However my PC goes to Roon labs ROCK and says “Searching for network…”
How do I overcome this? Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance

Don’t you need to spam an F# key while the nuc is booting to go in to the bios screen?

I’m not completely computer literate so I may be mistaken.

Yes I am hitting F10 and selecting the boot drive as my USB. But still the “Roon labs” screen comes up and says “searching for network address”

Have you swapped the bios back to UEFI boot from Legacy boot. You’ll usually need to do this to install W10.

@Danny_Bower Should the UEFI boot be checked and the legacy be unchecked?
Right now i see both options are checked

I’d untick legacy boot. Are you sure you’ve flashed the USB stick to be an boot device with the Windows image on it.

I use Rufus or Etcher for such things

Actually may be I am not doing that. All I did was formatted the USB as a exfat and just copied the iso file. That’s why my boot Disk is not being recognized. Didn’t realize I have to use a different software to do it.

That’ll be your problem. Download Rufus and flash the USB. Dead easy to do.

It needs to be fat32 to UEFI boot from usb

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If you have another win machine download mediacreationtool and follow directions to create bootable install usb flash drive.


So I have a Mac, and looks like Rufus is only for windows. So downloaded uubyte iso editor. Too bad it’s not working lol. When I hit the burn icon, it spins for a while and then nothing happens. Any other alternatives ?

Balena Etcher is the Mac equivalent of Rufus.

I would encourage you to try Jussi’s bootable image optimized for HQP.

I downloaded balena etcher. Seemed like it worked but got the following error:

You might try this workaround I found with someone who had the same issue:

  • If you are installing with USB drive, when it asks for driver, click Cancel. Once you are at the welcome screen, insert the USB drive to a different USB port . Then click Install Now to install.

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ok I’ll try that. thanks

No luck, when I use balenaetcher, it gives me a message in the beginning saying its not the best software for windows image and asks me to use Rufus, however I dont have a windows machine to download rufus.

The other options for rufus are not working. I am stuck at this step for the past 4 hours lol

Bbq’ing now but i saw on google a way to make bootable usb with mac by using boot camp installer. Give that a google.

Thanks for all the help folks. I am officially giving up after trying for atleast 7 hours now. I am not able to install Windows 10 on the NUC (Getting that stupid windows error) Atleast I managed not to corrupt of delete the Roon ROCK on the NUC. So I am officially waving goodbye to HQ Player, Just gunna stick with Roon lol.

That’ll probably last 2 days tops before the tinkering begins anew. Make sure you have the latest bios / driver package installed on the NUC. Haha

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It’s tricky to build a Windows 10 installation bootable key without a Windows computer to build it. BalenaEtcher DOESN’T work. These steps are a bit complex but work.

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