Converting from Meridian Sooloos to Roon

I have the Meridian C15 and the Sooloos StoreTWO (where most of my music is).

I have had issues with the C15 and now again having issues. I live in a 3rd world country so support is limited.
I am looking at Roon to complement and replace the C15. Funds are limited so I need to do this over time.

Set up:
The C15 is connected to my CD transport which has a DAC. (Romulus).

I have music on both the Control 15 and the store 2. Music is played in one room.

Eventually would like to sell/trade the c15 for a QNAP. Where I can store the music and use the Roon from either my iPad or Android.

Is the above doable?

Message sent

Hi Russ-

I hope that you are doing well.
Last few days my Roon is not playing the music…I tried restarting everything but still not working.
The system sees the core and the DAC. I choose to play… it looks like it will play but the screen shows nothing playing but tracks are in the queue. Any troubleshooting suggestions?