Converting roon desktop to server


I originally installed roon desktop as both core & remote

I wan to switch to roon server so roon auto runs after any reboot

i have installed roon server but no roon server shows up in services

Hi Glenn,

Can you provide the support guys with some additional information. Are you trying to migrate to a different computer or on the same computer? What is the specs and OS of the computer(s)?

for the moment staying on same PC

Lenovo M700 desktop
quad i7
ssd OS Drive with roon db
3 TB media, etc spinning drive

win 10 - up tp date on updates

Win 10 Pro? I think that is what came with the Lenovo’s M700. Make sure Roon client is not running. If you look under processes with only RoonServer running you should see:

It’s been a long time since I looked, but, I do not think Roon sets itself up as a service - I can’t find it in my services list. You should see the little Roon icon in your dropdown notification area on the Windows toolbar.

That’s correct, Roon Server does NOT run as a Windows Service - it’s an application that runs in the background once the user who installed it signs into Windows (assuming that they have checked the “Launch at Startup” option in the Roon Server icon in the Taskbar).

You will have to delete any logon password to Windows so it will boot without any manual intervention. Then add Roon to the startup group

This is how mine works, it starts straight into Roon,

I am not sure about a service option , I just use the desktop app


Not a good idea. Better to set up auto-logon, IMO.