Converting to library to mp3

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MacBook Pro, Build 416

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Neatgear, Wifi

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Antipodes Music Server, Ethernet

Description Of Issue

Not really an issue, but I was wondering whether I can download and convert certain songs and/or albums in my Roon library for use on an iPhone. In other words, how to change what are mostly hi-res files to mp3s for the IPhone. Is it possible and what conversion should I use? Thanks.

Rick McQuiston

Not from within Roon, you‘ll need to use another app. Roon won‘t modify the original files. You can use something like dbpoweramp to do this on a Mac.

Thanks Mike,

But how do I download a file from within Roon to the desktop or a file folder, let’s say, to convert to mp3? Can I do that?

When you say a file from within roon do you mean one of your own files?

Yes. Can a file be downloaded from within Roon to a place I can convert it to mp3. Or else maybe I can convert it from my music library on my music server. I’ll try that next. Thanks again.

It sounds as though you are looking for Roon’s Export feature…

Thanks, Geoff,

But when I try to export from within Roon like you said, the only option I get is “Export to Excel”. No other option, like desktop.

It sounds like you are trying to export content that is provided by TIDAL or Qobuz. These streamed files are not held locally in your Roon installation. The Export to file option is only available for your local content.

You don’t need to export it from roon to create an MP3 version. You file isn’t actually IN roon so there is no need to export it. The file is already on your hard drive. A converter like dbpoweramp’s will find it with your guidance. You can covert the file to a new location, leaving the existing file as is, convert it in place by adding it to the existing folder or replace the existing files (I wouldn’t recommend this, though). If you do use the replace option roon should find the converted version automatically because it will be in a location roon monitors for new files.

Thanks all. I finally figured out to export my own files onto the desktop, convert them to mp3s from there, and then transfer it to my iPhone. Took a while but worked. I appreciate all the help on this forum. Great advice, couldn’t have done it otherwise. Thanks again.

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