Convolution causes procedural eq to be bypassed

I was trying to use the convolution filter and kept getting a lot of echo in my 3way active crossover that I set up in Procedural EQ. When I measured the individual driver response in REW, I noticed all the drivers would play full range (bypassing procedural eq) anytime the the convolution was activated. I did confirm that each channel was playing the correct impulse per the config file. Is this a limitation in Roon or am I missing something?

I always use convolution and for testing I have tried adding some PEQ filters. Works for me together with convolution and in either order. FWIW :slight_smile:

Thank you. Just confirms I am doing something wrong. I have put about 40hrs into this so far. Will need a lot more to get past the learning curve.

I’m not doing anything special and just dabbling, so unfortunately can’t think of anything that might be causing this for you

A really important learning for me was having the convolution filters run before the PEQ.
You can change the order by simply dragging them into the sequence you want. Else, The convolution will override the PEQ. Try it!

I think that depending on the order either the convolution works on the PEQ-ed audio or the PEQ adjusts the convolution-ed audio, but if I create a crazy PEQ that takes out one channel, for instance, then clearly both are active either way.

So what I don’t get is how the bypass happens for @Doug_Abbott (if it really does happen)

Thanks AudioBill. I will try swapping the order and report back.

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Great, Doug…A post from Danny2 highlighted this…

"I have convolution produce perfectly flat output, and then have Roon PEQ tweak the flat sound to my liking, which is slightly off flat in a couple of areas. For instance, I don’t want the highs reduced as much as with the Harman curve, as I don’t have perfect hearing in the high frequencies anymore.

I just found for me that is what works best. It was easier for me to hit my personal sound target that way, and still get the benefits of convolution. One of the nice things about Roon DSP is that you can determine the order of the DSP functions. So I have convolution produce a flat output, and then tweak that."


Moving the convolution before did the trick. All works as expected now. Thank you.

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