Convolution file format. DBL not working

It seems that Roon does not like dbl impulse responses since I get “Unsupported file format” error.

but in the FAQ there’s written:

Roon supports the following impulse response file types:

.m4a (ALAC only)
.pcm (raw float 32 samples)
.dbl (raw float64 samples)

Can anyone help me?

@support Hello?

Hey @Simone_Filippini,

Thanks for following up on your post! We’d love to help.

Could you please let us know where you’ve found the information you’ve shared? The supported file types are listed here:


I’m talking about convolution impulses format

Thanks for clarifying, @Simone_Filippini. Checking with the team - I’ll follow up soon :slight_smile:

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@beka any news?

@support customers abandoned to themself …

Hi @Simone_Filippini ,

Apologies for the delay! Our team’s queue is longer than typical at the moment, but we’re working to get back to everyone as quickly as we can.

Can you please upload these filters to a file sharing service (Dropbox / Google Drive / etc.) and post a link for review? Thanks!

@noris They work with other DSPs. If I use the same impulses but exported in wav they work. Why this behaviour?

Thanks for sending that over, @Simone_Filippini. We’ll take a look!

Hello @Simone_Filippini,

Roon supports .dbl files for convolution only when they are used as a part of a convolver text configuration file setup. This is not currently specified in the Roon Knowledgebase article on Convolution, so we apologize for any confusion about this.

To learn more about convolution text config files I suggest reading over the Roon Knowledgebase article and the convolver sourceforge page.

I’ve created a sample of what a multi-sample rate convolution text configuration folder should look like when used with Roon at this link.


Aaaand it works! Thank you very much!

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