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i have a zip file convolution . roon core is installed on an innuos zenith MK II … how can i install these files inside the innuos . for the moment i have to use my mackbook for zip file storage.

when i use “browse” on roon it doesn’t allow me to look for the innuos ,only the macbook.
thanks for your help.

If you are using the MacBook as a Remote to configure a Core on the Innuos, just point Roon to the zip file on the MacBook.


that’s what i m doing for the moment but i don’t want to use my macbook as a remote … my configuration is
server inuuos with roon core installed and i use my ipad as a remote … but not possible to locate the filters witht ipad .

You only have to do it once. Tell the Core where to find the file and you’re done.

Tablets and phones don’t support file browsing in their OSs.

well , i tryed but roon can’t locate the core installed on the server, only the macbook.

Did you want to create a Core on the MacBook ? You ought to have had an option to point to the Core on the Innuos instead when installing on the MacBook.

You can disconnect from the Core on the MacBook in Settings/General. You should then get an option to connect to either the Innuos Core or the MacBook Core. Choose the Innuos Core and point Roon to the convolution file. Then you can go back to the tablet.

i use the innuos as a core (no core installed on themacbook) and ipad as a roon remote … i don’t want to have any macbook in my installation .

i understand that i must use a macbook as roon remote to browse the filters as it doesn’t work on mobile device) but i have two issues
first ,install the filters on the innuos (i asked innuos support for this point)
second, when i click on “browse” to locate the filters i only can look in the macbook . i can’t find the innuos (connected to network)
in this configuration i can only use filters with macbook connected to network.

To load the filters on the Innuos Core you just have to point Roon to where they are on the MacBook. Roon will then load them into the Core See here for details. After Roon has loaded the filters you won’t need to have the MacBook connected on the network. Roon will continue to use the loaded filters until you replace them.

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ok… so Roon is loading the filters anywhere they are into the core when pointed … didn’t know thought roon needed permanent access to the filters location… so yes it must work without mac then… that’s perfect !! thanks a lot

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