Convolution filters with SERVER?

Hello @support,

I am testing ROON.

My system is:
NAS HS251 +: Music files
MacMini 2012 i7-2.3 GHz - 16 GB DDR3
OSX: 10.9.5 / CAD filters
MMK - UPTONE JS-2 Power supply
Belcanto RefLink - Clock

I drive the set from an iPad pro

After a first test of ROON on the mac mini.

I was able to configure it correctly (Connect to the NAS and add convolution filters in the DSP settings) and test in good conditions, except: important clicks, randomly (dropouts?).

I thought that the ROON SERVER version, lighter could work better. So I installed it on the Mac Mini, but I stumble on the addition of convolution filters.
Impossible since the iPad, I tried to open ROON from the mac mini to configure a “system output” with the convolution filters … but I can not find this configuration once ROON SERVER open.

After reading various threads of knowledge base and discussions…

I’m sure the answer is here but…
Sorry, i can’t find it !

Can you help me ? Thank you in advance.

Thanks for reaching out, @Jean-Bernard_Massonn!

First, if you haven’t already, I definitely recommend you check out our article on the subject.

Please note the following from the KB:

Note that Roon does not yet support loading convolution filters from mobile devices. This must be done on a Mac or Windows computer.

From a Windows or Mac remote you can add convolution filters by going to Settings > Audio > Gear Icon for device > DSP Engine and selecting Add Filter.


Thank you for your reply.
I read this article and a priori it does not answer my question.
Indeed, convolution filters work under ROON. No problem. I installed them.

But to see if my worries (randomly important « clicks », dropouts?) came from a soft “too heavy” for my MAC MINI, and as I use headless, I tried the installation of ROON SERVER, which is lighter.

On the other hand, it is impossible to install the filters from the iPad, which is clearly explained. But so, how to install them?
Is this version of ROON, in server mode, ultimately irrelevant in my case?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Jean-Bernard_Massonn,

Since you can’t add these filters via remotes, you’ll need to use a Mac or Windows machine with Roon installed as a remote and connect to the Mac Mini Core. By using one of these devices as a remote you should be able to do this without issue.

Alternatively, if you choose to use Roon instead of RoonServer on the Mac Mini and don’t go headless, then you can add them directly from the Core machine. Either way should work.


Hi Jean-Bernard,

You can also install the Roon program on your MacMini (in addition to RoonServer) and point it at the RoonServer Core on your MacMini. Then you can open the Roon program as a Remote when you need the GUI to access the file system of a computer (which tablets don’t have) but leave it closed and just use RoonServer otherwise. You can use your MacMini as a Remote when needed, but go headless when not needed.

Great ! I just understood that the application ROON, could “open” and manage several Core.
So I was able to access the Core ROON SERVER to set it up. Thank you !

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