Convolution not working?

I recently made a convolution file with REW, but I think my Acer i3 was having problems processing it in Roon. The sound cut out a couple of seconds after enabling the convolution filter and wouldn’t come on again until the filter was turned off.
Since updating to 216 I thought that I would try it again and it works without stopping the audio. The thing is that I can’t hear any difference if the filter is on or off. I downloaded some weird and wonderful .wav echo files and again they make no difference either. Previously, if they were enabled the audio would become mangled and unlistenable.
Not a big deal for me as I was only experimenting, but thought I would bring it up in case there is something that needs to be looked at?

In what sample rate did you save the REW files.
You must play them in Roon at the same sample rate.
Or save the files in multiple sample rates and store them together in a zip file.

I can definitely hear a difference flipping on/off the room correction in my office.

Any chance one of the two enable switches is turned off?

I don’t think it’s the sample rate thing–Roon supports resampling convolution filters when an exact match isn’t available.