Convolution Question

WAV file in Roon convolution, it is seen but not HIGHLIGHTED to select.

A bit more context might help please, what file are you trying to access and how? Not sure if this is a filter upload.

It is a .wav filter created in REW, trying to use in the Roon convolution function.

Within convolution, there is a browse function that sees this file in my documents.

But it is “gray” and can’t be selected for use in Convolution.

Suspect the problem may have to do with sharing permissions or similar.


Try zipping it up.
I think Roon expects .zip files

Got here because the .zip option doesn’t work. The .wav seems like less for Roon to consume, and should work.


You’re right - .wav should work.

Can you post a link to the file?
Check it is either a mono or stereo file and that extension is actually .wav.

What client are you trying it from @Frank_Fanucci, I have a feeling it won’t work from Android or IOS devices. It’ll need to be a Mac or Windows client.

It won’t, but you can’t get as far as browsing on those, so the OP must be using Mac or PC.

True, it’s been a while since I did that last.

Will the file play in an audio player? It might not sound pretty but it’s an easy way to check .wav header.

Now working - moved file to different directory.

Thanks -

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