Convolution Reverbs

Well, got some reasonable settings for filters and shapers meanwhile for my environment. At least, think so. lol. Now, I want to start with Convolution Reverbs. So, more to have some fun instead of serious room corrections etc. So, right now downloading this free pack (4.6 GB) from Waves :slight_smile: I believe, one can use these free IRs anywhere you want to. IR Convolution Reverb Library (4.8 GB) | Downloads | Waves

Anyway, just starting with this in HQPlayer (not using Matrix right now), so any tipp and experience share highly recommended :slight_smile: Have a nice weekend and enjoy the music :slight_smile: I read, that one can save several presets using a laptop, that you can easily load then…

Well, the Waves library uses a format “wir”. So got me this one here for trial Free Lexicon 480L Impulse Response Collection By Grant Nelson - Bedroom Producers Blog

Had to convert to wav from aif (same sample rate and mono only for hqplayer convolution engine). It works :slight_smile: You may check and compare using Roon´s convolution plugin in DSP too. Tried “Jazz Hall” :slight_smile:

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