Convolution under ROCK

I’m running ROCK on a NUC 8. When I activated the convolution feature in DSP, and browsed for a convolution file, I got the pop-up message “Adding convolution filters is not yet supported on this platform. To set up a convolution filter, open Roon on Windows or Mac OS.” So, is it possible to use a convolution filter under ROCK, and, if so, how?

How are you controlling the NUC ?

You can’t upload filters from a tablet. Need a pc.

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I’m running it headless, and controlling it either from an iPhone or an iPad.

I haven’t tried uploading any filters yet. Could that be the problem? I plan to upload them from a laptop running Windows 10, not a tablet.

Yes. You need to upload the filters as a zip file using remote on pc or Mac computer.

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