Copper E-Mag: newest and back Issues

This forum started showing for me a coupla weeks ago.

It cracks me up that there’s an Easter egg forum.

An interesting article about Roon, among other things, in the Copper e-mag.

You will like an article in this weeks Copper Online Mag that addresses the point you just made.

A long winded article (most of the Copper stuff is) to, at the end, complain about Sonos. It seems if one doesn’t accept their new privacy policy, one’s Sonos speakers could stop working.

An semi-interesting bit, pun intended, about twos complement and how it’s necessary for music encoding. Spoiler - it’s needed to represent positive and negative values. The IT personnel among us also know there’s a ones complement that results in both a positive and a negative value for zero.

Plenty of speaker porn from California Audio Show.

For tinkerers - How to build a pipe organ.

And a lot of, as usual, filler.

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Needless to say, the article bashed Sonos. Thanks for sharing.

Couple of really technical articles on encoding and music theory. Also, a veiled one line curse of Roon. See if you can find it.

Top of page 57, and partly the reason why I don’t bother going to shows anymore. The level of BS seems to be getting ever higher.

Not fair, you just did a search. You sly boots.:sunglasses:

Why bark, when I have a dog? :grinning:


A Edsel is different from a Lexus too. I remember going to an audio show in Orange County California and entering an equipment rack manufacturer’s room. The racks were very expensive, and he told me my system was not close to performing to its full potential without a rack like his. I told the guy even if he was giving me one for free, my wife wouldn’t let me set that thing up in the house (since it was mega ugly).

Audio “snobbery” will always exist. Every hobby has it to some degree.


Thank You very much for the link. I don’t care about cables but what a great magazine.

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Oh my gosh… Really, just how bad can an ‘explanatory’ article be?
Quite literally crying here… :frowning: . I can live with a couple of ‘alternative views’ of reality. But there’s one in almost every two sentences, here… :frowning: .

I’m fine with people hearing improvements with cables. I’m even happy for them, and sometimes I wish I could experience the same. Seriously.
But why does that need to be ‘proved’, with exotic explanations that should have been much easier and shorter(*) , and on top of that : don’t even actually explain anything?

(*) = : ‘cables have non-resistive impedance components’ almost fully describes this article)

In practical applications: the problem presented here, is a phase error of +/- 5 degrees @ 20kHz. With their own example cable (presumably a very bad one), and considering worst case and very long >>2meter lenghts.
Even if you think this is a problem (it is insanely small, really) : go figure. How small do you think the error will be when the wire is a more realistic 10x shorter, and of good quality ?

Did you notice btw, that the very first non-introductory sentence is already disproving everything that’s following? (hint : a non-distorted square wave is the perfect proof, for both a perfect amplitude/frequency response, and perfect time coherence…)

I will agree : I liked reading the magazine; nice style. But this specific article : brr… Just enjoy your improvement, please. Don’t seek for far-fetched non-explanations. (Directed to the author, not the topicstarter).

Ha! I didn’t read the cable article and it sounds like I didn’t miss anything.
My cables either came with my Naim amp, bought second hand off eBay for the weird Naim plugs or Amazon for phono stuff and yet everything sounds fine to me :slight_smile:
They are also in a bit off a tangle at the back and not raised off the floor on shaped resonant blocks made from exotic woods - my bad.

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More cable nonsense, among other things.

Nothing of great note in this -

Some observations about online forum behavior. Kissinger quote is especially cogent.

Some tech about speakers, equalizers, bunch o’ classic stuff and, as always, a cartoon. -

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Unintentionally (?) clever title…

Spotify Files for IPO; Tower Records Founder Dies

+1 for introducing me to a hometown (DC) artist I hadn’t heard of, Be Steadwell.

Soon to be rolling over in his grave.:laughing:

Among other things, a story about the Grateful Dead. Parts of which I totally relate to.

Which parts do you relate to: the grateful, or the dead? :slight_smile:

Sorry: too easy.