Copy descriptions for album and artist

Hi, is there any way to copy the text of the descriptions for album and artist to paste it into an external translation program, for example Deeple or Google translator?
Many greetings, Markus

The reviews and Bio’s come from, you can probablygo there to find your requested info and translate that? Unfortunately Roon does not allow copying from these pages (likely a licencing agreement)

Have a look here if you’d like:

Just an example, the bio for prog/alt metal rockers Tool

If you’re using a Mac, take a screenshot (CMD-Shift-4) and use “Live Text” to extract the text…

… and paste into a text editor or external translation program:

And it also works on an iPhone/iPad: take a screenshot, then click the “Live Text” button in Photos.

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It’s because of Roon’s graphics engine. Each page in Roon is essentially an image, so the text is not actually text but a picture of text. It makes the pages load relatively quickly (just compare to JRiver and others), but the result is you cannot select text because it’s not actually text.

Didn’t know about this feature in iOS. To bad you cannot select “Translate” and then direct iOS to my (and i belive the OP’s) native tongue. It takes some faffing about, copying pasting etc.

I think you can (click translate), there’s lots of new hidden features in there.