Copy/link lyrics between different performance same song

Like most of us, I have more versions of the same song of an artist , e.g. I have 4 versions of Mrs. Robinson of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.

Sometimes, one version has lyrics, whilst another one has not.

I would be great if Roon could be pick up the lyrics from the version that includes them, whilst playing the vesion without.

Maybe to complicated, it would require a scan of the database, but it would be a nice feature.


What I do now, for those songs I really want to have the lyrics, copy them into a PDF document and load that in my album folder. Whilst playing I can open the PDF from within Roon, although it is another application that actually opens the PDF in another window.

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Good suggestion! I’m often puzzled as well. My primary (or personally preferred) version sometimes doesn’t have the lyrics, so I have to manually browse to the lyrics in another version.