Copy Music Files From External Hard Drive to Internal Nucleus Hard Drive

The Nucleus does not show up on my network. The external hard drive that I plug into the Nucleus does not show up on my network. When I plug the external hard drive into my desktop computer it shows up on my network. How in the world do I copy those files to the Nucleus when I can’t even find it on my network?

Hey @doug_ward, Roon support will need a bit more detail to help you this resolved. Would you mind filling out the support template below? You can copy and paste it in your reply, thanks!

Roon Core Machine

Include your operating system and machine info (Model, CPU, RAM).

Networking Gear & Setup Details

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In the meantime a couple of questions that may help:

How are you attempting to find the Nucleus?
Have you attempted to connect its Web Admin page?
What does it say, can you post a screenshot?

How is the drive formatted?

This may help …

It generally doesn’t show up you have to manuallly connect to it using windows file browser or you can map a drive to it. Or connect to server option in finder if using a Mac.

In file browser type \\nucleus or use its ipaddress \\ requires windows to have allow guest access enabled as it uses guest as the username and password. You might find mounting it as mapped drive easier. Once connected you can navigate to the Nucleus storage both internal and external

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