Copy Music from Mac (Music) to Nucleus with internal storage

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus with internal 2T internal hard drive
MacBook Air

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet connection

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Can’t figure out how to tell. Maybe 2-300 CD’s in uncompressed form

Description of Issue

I can find the Nucleus in the Mac Finder and found the Internal Storage folder. Searched the ROON Help and FAQ for Nucleus and can’t find any directions (once again ROON falls short of good customer/Tech support). Searched the community and found only passing mentions. Just not sure where to go from here. Should be simple but don’t want to clutter things up by copying unreadable files in the wrong format. Suggestions? Thank you in advance.

Have you looked at these instructions on moving files from a Mac to the Nucleus internal storage:

I believe you should be able to directly copy the music files from the Mac Finder to the Nucleus and then scan the Nucleus internal storage to add these files to the Roon database.


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