Copy Music to Nucleus+ Internal Drive

I just bought the Nucleus+. I was at a friends house and he showed me how great it was, and decided to jump on the bandwagon. I do not currently have a Core running at my house, and I have music everywhere: NAS, iTunes on a Mac, Dropbox backup, etc. I definitely have multiple copies, and a few years ago, I took a ton of time and copied all my CD’s via DBpoweramp to my NAS, since then, I typically buy music from HDTracks or iTunes (mostly my wife).

Anyway, is there an easy way to copy all my music to the internal storage of my new Nucleus+ SSD and then have it monitor for newly purchased music in those locations? I do not want a ton of duplicates! I was under the impression Roon could scan my whole network and grab the highest resolution copy of a track and store it neatly.

Hi @epiekarc,

We have information here about copying music to your internal drive.

Nucleus can access music in various ways — over the network, from a connected USB drive, and in internal storage. For Internal Storage, these files must be copied to the internal storage device as explained in that article.

If you have any other questions please let me know!

Thanks for the quick reply. So is there no way to have Roon scan network locations and copy music there itself? I guess from what I’m reading, you possibly disabled this feature? But I can’t believe you’d go backwards, after seeing such a quality product otherwise.

There must be a way to enable this, or maybe another program? I need something to sort out all these files and grab the highest resolution and copy it to the internal storage, without any duplicates.

There is no automatic way to do it but yes you can copy them manually to a second drive in the Nucleus if you have had one installed. But not the system drive it comes with. If you don’t have a second drive in it then get one or use a USB drive.

You can do it via connecting the smb mount it has which is accessed on windows by typing in an explorer window \ipaddressofnucleus\Data then navigate to the storage folder and one called music. On a Mac then use connect to serve in finder and type smb://ipaddress nucleus/Data

Once connected you can copy them. Or if you know how you can mount the Nucleus as a remote smb mount on your Nas. Then use its software to copy the data to the Music folder.

@epiekarc for now I would leave your music in its current primary locations - at least the ones that are always available and see how you go. Roon can display or not duplicates it finds in your collection.

You can add locations for each and every storage location individually.

Hi @epiekarc,

Roon can access your files from these network locations, add them to your library, and use them for playback, but this doesn’t automatically add these files to the internal storage of the device. When you add these networked watched folders, Roon will group duplicate copies of albums so you don’t see them multiple times.

If you want these files to copied to your internal storage and be accessed from there directly, this will need to be manually or with another program.

Check out our documentation on adding music to Roon from a network share. By adding these networked folders you can access the library on your NAS and your iTunes library on the Mac without having to move everything to the internal storage of the device.

If you have any questions about this just let me know!

Well, my question is still unanswered.

I already know how to access the file system over the network. I bought a Roon Nucleus+ and 4TB Samsung SSD to centralize music.

I can see in previous builds of Roon, it supported file management and could import music and maintain files. It seems it was either too much effort to support, or they had legal risks they couldn’t work around.

I’m still left trying to figure out how to centralize 1TB of music onto the SSD. And anyone that wants to recommend manual sorting, please hold your comments. That’s just a waste of time. I have mp3 and flac versions of the same tracks, so I need something better than that.

I have 2 to 3 duplicate copies of the exact same album sitting in my Roon album overview. I see the tick option for duplicates, but that only shows all duplicates, it doesn’t remove or filter the view to a single highest resolution copy.

To say I’m frustrated after spending $3,500 on a new centralized system (Roon lifetime license, nucleus+, SSD drive) is beyond words.

Anyone know of a program that can centralize all music, from multiple newtwork locations, it needs to find audio files, pick the highest quality format, then copy it to the smb share for the nucleus+?

Thanks in advance for any productive replies!

You may be thinking of the “Organized Folders” feature which was dropped because it caused more problems than it solved. Roon still supports file management, and can import music and maintain files. However, it’s not a mind-reader. If it were me, I’d just dump all my files onto the SSD and then use the Focus feature to winnow out what I no longer wanted to keep. Alternatively, leave them where they are, use Focus for the winnowing, and then dump them onto the SSD. But, good luck in finding that program to do the winnowing for you.

thanks @Geoff_Coupe that idea of a focus view and then dumping those to the internal storage sounds appealing. I’ve added all the storage locations to Roon, and this is what i’m seeing. (I did use a filter view to remove the TIDAL Library location, but everything else is showing).

You can use Focus to show duplicates (in the Inspector setting), and then use the format setting to further highlight those versions that you either want to keep or delete. Selection criteria in Focus can be AND (green) or NOT (red).

Why could I just not use XLD on my Mac mini (that I use as a ripper) to output to the internal storage on the nucleus plus. The Mac mini can see this drive.