Copy / Paste - Artist Biography

I would really like Roon to enable the copy past function in the app, as I don’t have very good English and when I browse the albums and see the biography and other information I would like to copy to translate and this function is not possible.


It was discussed before and the common guess seems to be that they may not be allowed to do this to prevent too easy copyright violation. I don’t know if this is really the case.

However, there are screenshot apps that can perform text recognition, so you can use such a tool to extract the text


Thank you for your help, I’m trying to find a program that does this, I use Google Translate a lot, but it only works by copy pasting or translating web pages.
Now translating Application pages, which is the case with Roon, I didn’t find anything, I use MacOs if you know of any to recommend, I’d be grateful.

There are several:

And some that seem to have translation included:


When Roon uses biographies from Wikipedia, there are links to the artist’s page on Wikipedia, whre you can use translation tools. There may be even biographies in the Wikipedia of your mother tongue. However, as I see it, most biographies come from Tivoli, where Roon does not seem to give links to the original article. Biographies form Tivoli can be found on, where you can use translation tools.


Correction: I wrote Tivoli. Of course it is TiVo. The whole thing has nothing to do with Copenhagen.

In general the Bios are taken from either AllMusic or Wikipedia , you can set the preference in settings (Settings>General>Editorial Sources)

If you set Wikipedia , then normally at the bottom of the text there is a hyperlink to that Wikipedia page which as far as I know is free text and you can copy that all appropriate legalities considered