Copy/paste text into search field

I would like to be able to copy/paste to the search field, not so much because I’m lazy (as a similiar request from last Summer stated as the reason. OK, that too!), but because I’m interested in more than English language music, some names are difficult to spell, some have letters/characters not on standard English (or Norwegian) keyboards.

For instance, how could I search for Icelandic band Þeyr (that they’re not on Tidal is irrelevant)? How about Motörhead (if they were an obscure band from a small country)?

Or for convenience, if I read a review of a band/an artist/a composer that I think looks to be worth checking out, how much easier to be able to just copy (if from an online review) and paste, rather than if the name is a bit difficult/weird have to go back and forth from browser window to Roon (I know how to spell Nisennenmondai, but didn’t the first times I searched for them).
Added: At a guess, being able to copy/paste into search would also be a help to anyone dyslectic.


You can’t do a traditional right click -> paste but normal keyboard shortcuts still work. If you are in windows you can still press ‘ctrl + v’ which is the keyboard shortcut for paste, while in the search box.
If on mac I believe it is ‘cmd + v’.

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On a Mac:

  1. Cmd + c = copy.
  2. Cmd + x = cut.
  3. Cmd + v = paste.