Copy playlist from Tidal

Playlists imported from Tidal, iTunes, or from M3U files are not editable in Roon at this time. If you want to edit them in Roon, you can save a copy in Roon by clicking the pencil icon at the top of the playlist’s detail screen

Hi, 1. so I can first copy any playlist I want from Tidal and after copy I can edit the playlist in Roon?

  1. Will this playlist be invisible for Tidal? I mean not the old one, but the new one I edit in Roon? I don’t want the new edited playlist to be visible and editable in Tidal.

  2. If the option to synchronize from Roon app back to Tidal ever gets finished and launched as an option in Roon, please make an option to cancel this sync.

Yes, after making a local copy of a Tidal playlist in Roon you can edit it in Roon like any other local playlist.

Yes, local playlists in Roon (whether copied from Tidal or not) are neither visible nor editable in Tidal.

Yes, letting the user control the extent to which any sync propogates back to Tidal is a good idea imo.