Copy playlist to usb stick to play in car

I have a dell computer running windows 10 64 bit. latest version of roon. I have approx. 600 cds ripped to my hard drive in AIFF format. I would like to make a playlist in roon and copy it to a usb stick and play it in my car. I am not to good at using computer but follow directions well.

I would like this too, but I’m afraid Roon doesn’t support any way of doing it.

foobar2000 is your best bet.

I’d say this is implemented already?
Select a playlist
use the 3 dots …
select export
browse to where the files should go
press export
you might need somthing to convert them so the fileformat does match your car audio.

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Hey @marjorie_weinstock,

Roon has an export function that allows you to copy files from your Core to other locations, and "tags’ the files as they appear in Roon.

When you export a playlist, any local files contained in that playlist will be copied. An M3U playlist file will also be created.

As mentioned by Stefan above, this can be done by going to the playlist, clicking the 3 dots, and selecting Export.


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Oh, cool! Thanks.

You’re right, my bad. For whatever reason I had in mind only the export to excel function.

You can even let roons radio function play … and then use the 3 dots on the queue and export these. :wink:
Ok you’ll have the same tracks next day you already listened too … perhaps the radio should offer an "enque tracks ahead, albe to export these.