Copy roon library from NUC to android

I will be traveling and wanted to make a copy of my library music to my android phone to listen on a plane. I am only referring to the music that I own. My NUC where the core is located has a backup thumb drive, but when I look at it, it is not a list of songs, but rather a bunch of folders with numbers. How do I even view the music library on the NUC? I am using windows 10 but cannot see the library at all. Not sure how to access the original song files to store them on my phone. I am probably just ignorant. Thanks in advance for the help.

The actual audio files are stored on the NUC if you have a second drive installed and not in your back up. The actual audio files are on your NUC’s storage drive (the 2nd hard drive). You can access it by connecting to it as a server. Go to the explorer and in the address bar type “//rock/data” (without the quotes) and then go to data>storage>internal storage. Your music files will be here. This should be the same folder that is watched by Roon. If you don’t have a second drive in your NUC how do you add new music to Roon? If you don’t have a second internal drive in the NUC, are you using a NAS or an external drive?

You very clearly reminded me how that was done. I do have a 1TB M2 in the NUC and I could not remember how to access it. Perfect. Thanks so much. Gary

Great! Best wishes on your travels!

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