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I am currently using 2 cores with different accounts, a Nucleus+ with now expiring account1, and a core on a QNAP NAS with lifetime account2.
Now I want to “switch” to Nucleus+ with lifetime account, that means to “copy” my settings, metadata, playlists, … that I used on Nucleus+ with account1 to account2 on Nucleus+ (and deactivate account2 on QNAP core).
Could please somebody advice how to do this switch?

I think the way to do this would be:

  1. Reset your Nucleus+ to its factory settings, using the Web Administration page and the Roon Database and Settings Reset button.
  2. Follow the Nucleus Migration Guide to take a backup of your database on the NAS and restore it to the Nucleus.
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Thank you for your quick answer Geoff.
To understand correct, I have to:

  • connect remote to NAS core and logout lifetime account
  • connect remote to Nucleus+ and login with expiring account
  • backup the Nucleus+ database
  • reset Nucleus+ to factory settings via admin page
  • connect to Nucleus+ and execute “Restore a backup” instead of logging in
  • login with lifetime account
    So I have to restore a Nucleus+ backup that I just before have created? Is this correct? The backup does not include account specific settings?

I think I misunderstood what you are trying to do - you want to keep the settings and database of your Nucleus+, but transfer over the lifetime account from your NAS to the Nucleus+ - correct?

In which case, I think your steps are correct, but I suggest we get confirmation from @support that this is the correct procedure. I’ve flagged them, so I hope that one of the team will be able to respond here with the proper answer.

According to Roon Labs, database and settings are tied to the account and migrating data from one account to another (via backup) is not supported. As you want to retain the database and settings that are already on the Nucleus, you can just logout from your current account on the Nucleus and (try to) login with the second account (maybe this live migration works?). Please make sure you have a current backup before you try to do that and also try it before the license on account 1 runs out.

Just a suggestion from another Roon user without any promise whatsoever that this works – again: what you ask for is officially unsupported.

See also: Search results for 'account data migration' - Roon Labs Community

Logging in with a different account will start a new database so if you don’t have a backup you will be starting fresh. The database you have on your lifetime can be imported / restored to the nucleus but you cannot merge or swap them that I am aware of.

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Thank you wizardofoz for confirming this.

I believe @accounts have assisted in similar circumstances before.

Hi Martin - sorry to reply again, but I don’t understand what this means, there is a solution to “move” a database to another account?

Hey @Johann_Gassner,

Thanks for the follow up question. I’ll try to use different words to explain what @BlackJack and @wizardofoz have already said.

Your database (including, but not limited to, your Roon settings, play history, playlists, bookmarks, favorites, tags, etc.) is account specific. This means you can only restore the database if you are logged in on your Core with the same account it was created on.

In your specific case, you cannot “copy” you settings, metadata, playlist, etc. (from now on referred as database) from account1 to account2 and vice versa.

However, if you log in with the lifetime account on your Nucleus+, you will be able to restore the database created on this account (that you have previously been using on a QNAP); @Geoff_Coupe shared instructions to do so.

Please, let me know if I missed anything.

And thanks everyone for the great replies :star2:

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