Copy to internal drive

I would like to copy my music to the internal file. your article on the topic refers to http://nucleus/Data/Storage/InternalStorage/ as the location of the file. However, my computer does not respond to this address. I CAN get to the browser accessed page (on my machine, that’s http:\192.168.4 240). So what do i need to do to access the internal drive so that i can copy files to it?

Michael what platform are you using?
Hi Michael
On Windows you just pull up a windows explorer screen and type \\ and then browse through the structure to get to your internal folder and then copy files there.
On a Mac press Command K and connect to cifs:// and do the same

Hopefully this helps a little


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Thanks. Two backslashes instead of one and i got there.

Good news Michael. I copied and pasted your URL and had a nightmare even after 2 edits. I think typing it would have been much better.

I use a sync software to maintain my synology music folder to the Rock Nuc.
Keeps things nicely up to date


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