Copying database etc to new volume

Core Machine

Win 10 Pro i7 NUC

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Audio Devices

Description of Issue

I have reinstalled Windows on a new volume as Windows 10 Pro was not starting up. I still have access to the files on the old volume but did not back up my database using Roon.

Is there a way to copy the necessary files from the old volume to the new volume where I have installed a fresh copy of Roon Server?


This is certainly possible in principle as at some level it’s how the Docker image for Roon works, albeit on Linux cores. My core is also A Linux one but I’d experiment with copying the contents of the Database directory directly to the new install. On my core it looks like this:

cfw@roon:/var/roon/RoonServer$ ls
Cache  Database  Logs  Settings  Temp
cfw@roon:/var/roon/RoonServer$ ls Database/
Cache  Core  Cx  Orbit  Registry

This is “at your own risk” stuff but at worse you’ll mess up your new Roon installation.

Good luck.

Following on from @killdozer post, that might work, however, the recommended method would be to restore the Roon database from a previously taken Roon backup.

Do you have a recent backup? If so that’s the way I would go. Fingers crossed.

EDIT sorry just spotted your comment… no backup.

This might help …