Copying files from a 2nd folder to the internal hard drive in Nucleus

I have a external hard drive that is connected via USB to my Nucleus. I have added the file & the music appears in the library but how do I permanently transfer these files to the Nucleus SSD?


Hi Keith,

Did you add, or have the dealer add, a second internal ssd to the Nucleus? The drive with the operating system can’t be used to store music. You need a second drive for your music library.

Cheers, Greg

Yes, you can add a hard drive or SSD to your Nucleus for music files or just leave them where they are on the USB drive.

To add to the previous comments, if you have an internal storage drive, you will need to move the files between the USB drive and internal drive using a file manager on another computer.

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Hi @Keith_Gray,

As others have mentioned, you will need to format the drive first via the Nucleus Web UI and then add the files via an SMB connection to the Nucleus. You cannot use the existing database drive to host the media files, you will have to install a separate SSD/HDD to host the files. Hope this helps, but if you have any further questions, do let us know.