Copying files from external drive to new internal drive

I installed a new internal SSD to my Nucleus plus. Very easy process. But copying the files from the old external drive to the new internal drive is taking forever. 3.4 TB and it appears it will take at least 4 days! Is there a better way to do this? By the way, the sound quality is very noticeably better when playing files from the internal SSD, along with zero delay in starting a new track. Very cool.

You might read this link, it says it better than I can at the moment,

Perhaps you should describe the current and past setup in more detail. From your first post, I assumed you had a Nucleus and the external drive was still attached to the Nucleus. And that you were managing the copy from a computer. Is this not the case?

The point of Blackjack’s post, is that the external drive should be attached to the managing computer and the data just copied from that computer to the Nucleus. If the external drive was on the Nucleus then the data would be making an out and back again round trip, which of course, takes longer.

This equals a network speed of around 100 Mbits/s (Fast Ethernet). If this is what you have or is best what you can achieve then it will take so long.

Note: With a more recent Gigabit Ethernet connection this amount of data can be transferred in around 8 to 9 hours.

Thanks for all the feedback. I have a brand new house with a new fancy network set up that came with the house. I do understand the part about attaching the old external HDD to my Windows PC but that gave me only a slightly faster performance. Still several days to copy. I was curious about the comment I saw about putting the computer in the same room as the Nucleus, which was why I asked about that.

You have not shared any details about your network, so I don’t know. If you use WiFi then moving the Nucleus and the computer in the same room as your WiFi Access Point is in might speed up things but wired Ethernet is clearly preferred. If your computer and the Nucleus are already both wired then it seems that you only have Fast Ethernet. Should you have a Gigabit Ethernet installed then you have to go and search for the error that downgrades your speed to Fast Ethernet.

The router/switcher is made by Ruckus and all wired connections go through it. My Windows PC is connected via wired Ethernet. I am afraid I have no idea how to search for the error you have mentioned.

Follow the wires and take a look at the sockets. They should signal the connection speed over lights (switches/routers maybe do this on the front panel). You may have to look up the meaning for the lights in the manual or online as there is no standard for this.

You might try this

Thanks. I did think of this but I would have to have a case I could put the SSD into in order to do this, so I am looking for one now.

Be aware of the fact that the Nucleus formats the internal drive in Ext4 format and Windows can not nativly read Ext4 partitions, MacOS can, for Windows you’ll need a third party Ext4 driver.

Oh good thanks for the warning. Not sure I am up to that much trouble so might just let it run for 4 days.

It might also be limited by the external drive and how it is connected. If the external drive is a spinning disk type (not ssd) and/connected via USB the drive itself may be the limiting factor

Since there are so many topics on how to copy music from an external drive to an internal drive and/or loosing metadata underway maybe Roon should consider to build in a migration tool like every modern OS has these days. At least for the Nucleus there should be better tools that every computer savy can understand. The Nucleus is supposed to be the turn-key solution compared to the diy based ROCK software. So, for ROCK some fiddling is fine, but for a paid solution I think it’s not, it should be bomb proof.

@William_Hilleary, if you can pick up a cheap drive case (Amazon?) and have a Mac, everything worked well in the end (I think my ‘corruptions’ were my own fault, not process/Roon) and it was MUCH faster than doing over network.
@Nyquist, I agree, it would be great if Roon could create a migration tool :+1:

Again I want to thank you all for the great support. I did find a case that I had, put the SSD into it, and downloaded Disk Genius. You have to pay for the Pro version to get it to write to Ext4, but once I figured out how to navigate it, I was able to copy all 3.4 TB in about 11 hours. I assume it took that long because the source drive is a spinning disc and not SSD. And I agree, Roon really should develop a disc migration tool to make this easier. Discs fail, libraries grow, technology changes. Would really help.

What roon should be fixing is the SMB V1 limitation of ROCK/Nucleus OS’s in this day and age there no excuse for such archaic limitations for a software based server.

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I recently setup a NUC with ROCK and I did not need to enable SMB v1 on my Windows 10 devices to access the data share on ROCK.

I DID have to enable the ‘allow insecure guest logins’ setting in local policy for SMB V2 in Windows 10 though…