Copying files from old Roon core device to new Roon core device (ref#8PQ7CL)

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How to copy files from old roon core device to new roon core device?

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I want to copy my music folder from Wadax Atlantis server to my new Wadax Reference server

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Wadax atlantis server via USB

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For moving Roon completely to a new core:

For moving just the files to a new disk

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I forget to tell you that all my music files are stored locally on my wadax atlantis server.
unfortunately, I have no direct access to the music folder via my local network.
I tried to connect my old Roon core device - wadax atlantis server to the network, I received IP address but my Roon app did not see the old device, only my new device - wadax reference server.

I am just a user and can’t speak for Roon, but wouldn’t that be a support question for Wadax? That’s what I would do. For the apparently 100K or whatever you paid them for the two devices, they should be carrying your bits in little golden pouches from one to the other on the back of rainbow-colored unicorns. Or at least help you out with networking or generally migration problems.

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