Copying files to internal ssd

I have found the ‘how to’ instructions for the internal ssd install and they seem straightforward. The formatting of the ssd seems straightforward also.
The question I have is copying my music files to the ssd. Being a computer moron, your instuctions for this are less clear to me.
Currently my library is on a 3tb external HD connected to one of the usb Nucleus’ (not ‘plus’) usb connections.
Searching and reading here, it seems that I can NOT copy the library from the external HD connected to the Nucleus via usb to the installed internal ssd. That it needs to be copied over the network (?). This seems to be a slow way to move about 2tb of files- days maybe.
If this is correct could you please give instructions- or point me to the instructions- for doing this in a way a computer moron will be able to follow.
My set up now is - Roon core on Nucleus
Library on external HD that consists of MUSIC (1.29tb), ROON (4.88gb) and ROON Backups (5.93 gb)
ROON remote controller is either laptop or Amazon Fire tablet.

So, do I need to connect the external HD to my laptop and then ‘add folder’ on the Nucleus Settings>Storage to transfer the files to internal ssd over the network ??

What order and steps should the folders on the ext HD be copied to the internal ssd ?? Thought I read here that ‘backups’ need to be copied first.

Is it better to have the laptop (with the external HD attatched) directly hardwired to the Nucleus, or is wi-fi connection as good?? I can connect the laptop directly to the Nucleus which would bypass my modem. Does it need to go through the modem ??

Please help.

I should add that the laptop is running Windows 10. Getting to the ‘network sharing center’ and going from there is where I’m fuzzy.
I also use a VPN. should that be disabled durinf file transfers?

Personally, I found external storage to work better for me. Since, you can do database backups to it. You cannot backup the database to an internal drive, so you are going to need an external drive attached anyway for backups; unless you are doing them to a different computer.

But, that said, you attach the external drive to your Windows PC, using Windows File Manager you go to \\rock\data\Storage\InternalStorage.

So, you have two windows open on your PC, one to the ROCK internal storage, and one to the usb drive attached to the Windows PC. You then just drag and drop from one windows to another. Like

It is better to have the laptop wired up to your network just like the Nucleus is. I would have them both attached via a switch instead of using the switch part of the router, but, that is just the tech geek in me. You do not want to be doing the copy via WiFi as that can make this slow process even slower.

I would. VPN’s can mess with Windows networking and cause connection issues. In the future, If you ever have trouble with that laptop connecting to the Roon server, that is one of the first places I would start.

So I still need an external HD connected !!
This makes no sense. The purpose of the internal ssd is to free up both usb connections on the Nucleus. Keeping an ext HD hooked up to the Nucleus defeats the reason I would be doing this.

And according to your pictures I need to copy one album at a time. That’s ridiculous. Can’t I just copy my ‘music’ folder rather than each album ?

Maybe someone who can explain this to my non-tech geek mind can chime in. I realize you’re trying to help, but I’m more confused now. My ignorance of computers, not you.

Since this topic seems to be pretty common here, and cause confusion, maybe someone at Roon could make a YT video showing how to do this from with a pc and apple. Or at least make your instructions more user friendly for non-geeks specically for Nucleus or Nucleus+.

Here’s what the path looks like with my Nucleus. I only have a few music files of my own. You can drag and drop your music onto the Nucleus internal SSD that you installed. That drive is for music files only and cannot be used for anything else. Just get an inexpensive USB HDD and plug it in to your Nucleus for backing up Roon. Mine backs up automatically every night and I save the last 30 backups.

You can drag and drop multiple folders at once - just select them before dragging them to the internal SSD used for music storage…

If I need an external HD hooked up anyway for backup, this completely makes the reason for doing this moot.
I wanted to use each of the nucleus’ usb ports to connect to 2 different usb dac’s- one on my headphone amp and the second on a processor.
Seems that’s not possible. Too bad the Nucleus doesn’t have more usb’s. I’ll just keep using my library and backup on an external HD and a usb switch on the second usb port, splitting to my 2 components.
Good thing Amazon makes returns easy. I should have investigated better before ordering.
Thanks guys.

For best results, most people don’t connect their DAC’s using USB. They connect using ethernet. You also don’t have to back up Roon that often. You can plug in a USB drive when needed or you can backup through your network to a network connected computer.

You can also connect your headphone amp to your network using a Raspberry Pi4 running RoPieee. Again, most people experience better sound quality using ethernet, not direct USB connections to the Roon core device.

Looks like you’ve been at this since October 2018, so I’m a little confused why this is an issue all of a sudden.

Probably can use a powered USB hub to accomplish this, without the need for some kind of switch.

The 2 different components with dac’s are an Oppo HA-1 and Emotiva RMC-1L. The Oppo has no network connection or wi-fi.
The Emotiva RMC-1L network connection is only used for Dirac room connection. No wi-fi or airplay, etc.

I suppose I could store the music files on an external HD connected to my laptop by usb and then send from the laptop wirelessly thru my modem and then to the Nucleus via network connection. But that seems to be alot more room for degradation in that convoluted pathway than connecting the external HD directly to the Nucleus.

Apparently I’m not as smart as you guys. Maybe I should look into NAS, but even then I’ll need to use usb to connect to my dac’s from the Nucleus.

Sorry for wasting your time.

That is what I’m using now. One of the Nucleus usb’s to hub, and from there to my two dac’s. The other Nucleus usb connected to ext HD with library. This is working well, but I wanted to get the usb hub out of the equation.

Why not HDMI from Nucleus to receiver?

I use hdmi for multi channel music, but find the usb dac sound to be better for stereo music when a/b’d. Not huge, but noticible. Good suggestion, but honestly like the usb dac more.

If your PC sees the nucleus on your network then attach the external drive to the PC now you can copy the files by selecting copy then chose location selecting network>nucleus>data>storage>internal storage open. My 200 gig. transfer took 6 hours. good luck.

If you use a Raspberry Pi with Ropieee as an endpoint you can connect two DACs to the Pi’s USB ports.