Copying metadata from one album version to another

The same album:

  • one digital album bought and available on local storage (NAS)
  • album as available from Qobuz

The one on the local storage has almost no metadata/credits, while the qobuz one is very complete.

Is there a way to copy these metadata from the one version to the other?

Many thanks for your suggestions.


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It’s showing as unidentified which is why it doesn’t have any metadata i think. Run the identify routine in roon via edit on the album.

Thanks for the input. Unfortunatily I do not succeed in identifying the album. The list of potential matches does not contain the correct album.

Hey @Paul_Hermans

Roon can have some difficulty identifying albums in your local library if the accompanying metadata is sparse.

Here’s what you can do.

  • Click the ellipsis on the album page
  • Click edit
  • Click Identify album
  • If the correct selection doesn’t appear click None of these look right in the lower right hand corner
  • Type the album information in the search window
  • Click album the correct album
  • Click Save
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@Jamie, Not resolved.

If I’m choosing the Qobuz version I can identify the album.

If I’m selecting my own purchased version on the NAS, I cannot identify the album. Not after having clicked None of these look right and typing the album info in the search box. I do not get the correct album.

So my situation stays the same, no metadata credits on my local version.


Can you please post a screenshot of what you’re typing into the search block @Paul_Hermans?

Is it not showing the Kimbrough Various Artist album on Qobuz as a selectable option when you attempt to identify the local version on your NAS?

These are the screenshots made.

While seeing this on the Qobuz version

If you manually edit the tags for the version on NAS from KIMBROUGH Newvelle Records to Kimbrough Various Artists is Roon able to match it?

I already tried that, but maybe not correct.

I get this as overview of the versions.