Copying playlists to new account


I recently purchased a new Roon account for use at my office. Music is stored on external hard drives that have been duplicated for the new location, and Tidal is also used at both locations. Can a backup of the original account be used to clone the account to the new location.



A Roon backup and restore should effect what you want.


Thank you. I have a couple days of building a fence ahead of me, but will give it a try on returning to the office.


Apologies, I should have read a little closer. You are using different accounts, so I’m not sure how that would work.

It might be OK, but Roon might check to see if the account is the same and then that wouldn’t work.

Dunno. @support?

I guess you got another account so Roon could be used simultaneously at both locations? Other than that, you didn’t need two accounts.

Yeah, I’m only in the office 3 days/wk., but wanted proper music there all the time. I hate the thought of the staff and patients having to listen to the musical Wonder Bread crap that they otherwise get from FM when my laptop is absent. Also a big PITA hauling it back and forth. Bought a small desktop to run Roon/Tidal through a Wyrd and an Audioengine DAC and into the regular office music system. Duplicated the external HD from home, but don’t want the task of reconstructing several years worth of playlists.

Thanks for the ongoing input.


No problem. Support will be clearer about your chances. Good luck.

Answered the questions from this thread here:

Marking this one as solved.

– Noris