Copying SSD files to Ripp drive

Roon Core Machine; Trigon Exceed Roon.

HP All-In-One, 8 GB Windows. Server Only.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Home broadband and WIFI.

Connected Audio Devices

USB drive portable.

Number of Tracks in Library

1388 tracks.

Description of Issue

I physically loaded my CDs into the Exceed box. They’re all going to the SSD file and not RIPP1. Please see image.

I’m trying to copy the SSD file to the RIPP file but thus far, have drawn a blank.

Why have you added so many Watched Folders?

Surely you would be better off just adding the root folder that holds all your music, i.e.

Good question; I was instructed to do so. I’m under the impression that the SSD folder has limited capacity. Thanks, regards, Rob.

Indeed, I see from the manual that the Exxceed Audio Server only has an SSD with 140GB spare capacity for music files.

Still, you can collapse all those Watch Folder entries down to just one: Exxceed-50112/home/trigon/SSD

You then need to add your RIPP drive as an additional Watched Folder.

I’m also reading in the Exxceed manual that the USB drive must be named RIPP for CD Ripping to use it (you said RIPP1).

It might also need to be formatted as FAT32?

You’ll see from the Screen shot that the right designation is RIPP. I’m partially sighted and disabled - message errors are common.

Is the collapsing process straightforward?

You can pick the first entry ( Exxceed-50112/home/trigon/SSD/Al Stewart), click the “3 dots” menu next to it, choose Edit, then edit the path to just Exxceed-50112/home/trigon/SSD.

Then use the 3 dots menus by the other entries to Remove them.

Have you been able to add the RIPP drive to your Storage as a Watched Folder?

I’m beginning to think that the Roon Core in the Exxceed Audio Server does not behave in quite the same way as in a Nucleus or ROCK/NUC. If you are finding that CD rips are still getting placed in the SSD, then I would contact Trigon Audio direct and ask them what is happening here,

Daft question - clicking the dots and editing brings up a DB (as listed in your reply) but I can’t see where the pathway can be edited as you suggest unless I need to copy the file name into the ignored paths?

Totally unsure how to move existing files to the RIPP storage. Apologies - bit of a fix here I think.

Hmm, as I said, I fear that the Roon software on your Exxceed Audio Server may have been “adapted” by Trigon Audio.

When I choose “Edit” on the 3 dots menu, I see this (as an example):

Then clicking the “Browse” button allows me to edit the path:

If you are not seeing screens like this, then you need to contact Trigon Audio directly. Sorry I can’t help further.

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No, not seeing that structure on the left at all.

Geoff, thank you anyway - it’s been useful in getting to the current situation. Thank you. Rob.

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