Core 'Added X days ago' doesn't update

On an iMac, Drobo 5D storage, version 1.3 (build 209).

@support The ‘Added date’ on the core only updates when I closed and re-open the app. It should be ‘3 Days Ago’ (today being the 7th April 2017.

Mac core:

It’s fine on iOS:

Can you double check the system clock on the iMac? This is driven by the clock of the device running the Roon interface, so your phone is probably correct automatically.

Just ruling out the obvious before we take a deeper look :wink:

The time and date is set automatically, and it matches that of iPhone. It’s correct. It was the first thing I checked. Also, if I restart the core then the ‘added x days ago’ is correct.

@mike I restarted the mac, and now the date X advances as it should. I believe I know what the issue was, and it had nothing to do with the date or time setting, which I did not change. I did however change the language setting on the mac from US to ‘English (U.K)’ and the Keyboard to ‘British’ from US. And then Roon stopped advancing the ‘Added X days ago’.

@support Nope, woke to find that the ‘Added X days ago’ had not advanced on the core, but had on iOS devices.

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Ok, we can open a ticket on this and see if we can reproduce this.

Can you let us know anything we might need to know about your setup to see this happen? For example, it sounds like the iMac is running your Core, but let me know if that’s not the case.

Also, can you confirm what setting you’re using in Settings > Library > Import Settings > Import Date Defaults To?

Yes, the core runs on the iMac. I have only ever noticed this problem with version 1.3 (build 209). As I said, restarting Roon always corrects the ‘Added X days ago’ issue. Roon just doesn’t update the date automatically if left running.

@mike I’m on build 216, and the ‘Added X days ago’ still doesn’t advance.

Ok, this is with our QA – we’ll let you know if we have trouble reproducing, or when we’ve made some progress here.

Thanks for the report!

Hi @Afullmark ---- Thank you for you patience and my apologies for such a long wait.

Our QA department has team has informed me that they have tried to replicate this behavior using a similar setup to yours and have been unable to reproduce in house. In light of this I wanted to touch base with you to see if you are still experiencing this behavior with the most recent build(s).

Looking forward to your feedback!