Core and endpoint in one device?

Hello, I’m new to all of this, so these are maybe some stupid questions – sorry for it.

My endpoint is an Auralic Altair with an internal SSD, where my music library is stored, an Samsung Handy as controler.
Is the core the SSD or my iMac (via WLAN)?
And if, is then the music going to be streamed from the SSD to the iMac and from there to the player again? Or is the core just to control everything and the music is going from the SSD directly to the streamer in the Auralic?

And is there a possibility, to look at the music library via iMac to edit the metadates?

Thank you for your help!

mmmhhh… let’s try :wink:

first… a link to “How Roon Works” which should answer some of your questions:

as you can see from the above:

  • Roon Core (Roon’s “brain”) is the application you install on a “computer” (Mac, PC, NAS or “server”)
  • Music storage can be anywhere: on the same machine running core, on an external HD or on a network share
  • the Altair will be seen by Roon as an output device and you will control it from Roon itself (either on the iMac and/or on your phone/tablet)
  • your music library can be either on the iMac running Roon or, I believe, on Altair’s internal SSD which, afaik, should be visible as “network HD” from the iMac (how have you been uploading music to Altair’s SSD so far?)

though… I have an Aries myself and to access its settings (you usually only need to do this on first set up, but you will probably need to enable “Roon Ready” mode before Roon can see it) Lightning DS is needed and… afaik, is only available for iOS devices. How did you set up your Altair using a Samsung handset? :confused:

Hallo Gerhard :slight_smile:

I asked the same question a couple of days ago…see here:

net net - it is possible but a distributed architecture is recommended by Roon. You will find helpful links in that thread coming from the ouse experts!

I get my Altair next week, so I haven’t done nothing until now. But my wife has an iPhone so it should be possible to set it up. And the more I read the more I think I’m going to use my iMac as the core. Thanks for your help!

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Thank you I think I am going to use a distributed architecture, iMac as the core.