Core as an Endpoint

For the last year or so, I have been running a Dell PC with 16gb ram, 500mb SSD and a dedicated Nvidia graphics card and 8 cores, I only use the PC to run the Roon core and as an endpoint, and not for anything else. Am I wasting my money if I move the endpoint duties to a separate NUC? My files are on a Synology 920+ with 16gb of memory and 512mb of ssd cache memory. Thanks

I think you are wasting money. Go for a Roon Ready streamer or dac with built in streamer.

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I can’t use a streamer as an endpoint. My PC core/endpoint is connected to a Marantz AV10 via hdmi for multichannel. So the only endpoint option for me needs to have hdmi, that is why I was mentioning a NUC.

You’re not wasting your money if it solves some issue you’re having.

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I’m not having any particular issue, was just wondering if there was any benefit to the core being a “core” only!

It would seem like that is already the case. Using the Core as an endpoint is something that many people do, myself included.

A waste of money would be buying a new device to replace a device that was already serving the purpose.

i guess you’re running under Windows? People use a NUC with ROCK installed to avoid any Roon problems that updates to the Windows OS might inadvertently cause and that’s really the only necessary reason.

I did not like running Roon on my Dell laptop, but that’s because I was using the laptop for other purposes and would frequently accidently shut down Roon.

Yes, the PC is windows 11. Seems like I should leave it as-is.


I am sorry to tell you, but bits are bits. There is no difference moving from core to endpoint.

Only benefit I see is not having to deal with the fan noise of the laptop. If this is not an issue now then you probably won’t be gaining anything.

Thank you everyone for the quick responses. Happy holidays all.


You RAM is 32 times bigger than your SSD? :slight_smile: Core as endpoint is fine, unless it has a loud fan or hard drive.

Typo!!! The PC is behind my entertainment unit so I never hear it!

A change does not make any difference in terms of functionality. The advantages of a NUC over a PC in my eyes are: lower power consumption. And a NUC without a fan is probably more durable for 24/7 continuous operation than a normal PC. One note: If you run the PC in continuous operation hidden behind other equipment, I would at least clean the fan every now and then. I didn’t take that into account in the past and it didn’t do my PC any good. My NUC with passive case has been running for 5 years now without any problems.