Core Can't be found after today's Core QPKG-Version: 2021-10-03 upgrade

Roon Core Machine

QNAP QTS - TVS-682-i3-8G-US

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ubuquity Networking

Connected Audio Devices

Raspberry Pi4 Streamer into Hegel 590 via USB, Client running on MBPro, iPhone & iPad

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Description of Issue

Upgraded the Core package today to QPKG-Version: 2021-10-03 following its release and now none of my clients will find the core. If I choose ‘Select a different core’ my Core server shows up but then goes through an initial sign up process which means I’m dropped into a clean fresh instance of Roon with all my music & history gone.

There was no Roon (Core) Software update today. What update do you talk about? OS update of your NAS (to QTS 5.0.0) probably? If yes, did you try and rebooted your NAS again (I know that a reboot is part of the update process already but sometimes things might just hang/take longer to settle after a firmware (OS) update).

Just saw your other post that explains your situation a little more.

I’m talking about the QPKG-Version: 2021-10-03 Core update which became available today, not a QTS OS upgrade.

Thank you for the clarification here. Maybe @crieke is able to help you out then.

I have the same issue

@crieke - any ideas?

Looking into this a bit more, based on the release notes :slight_smile:
[New Features]

  • Added required libraries for future Roon Server releases

  • Roon Server has been tested with QTS 5 and it can be installed now.

  • Updated Roon Server app icon

  • All database folders are now parented in a “RoonOnNAS”-folder (they will be migrated when updating)

  • ffmpeg can no longer be provided in the Roon Server web UI. Instead it can be copied in the /RoonOnNAS/bin directory. When ffmpeg has been manually provided before, it will automatically be migrated to this new folder.

I notice my update hasn’t created a "RoonOnNAS’ folder, not that I can see anyways, so I wonder if that is the issue? @crieke

Hi @Mike_Ormerod, hi @angelo_parodi,
Sorry for the trouble.
I will look into, why the migration of the database might have failed. But I am currently at my family this weekend.
Did you perform the installation as a new install or as an update?

Since this version (as @BlackJack mentioned) all database folders will be located in a “RoonOnNAS” folder. Your previous database should have been migrated to this new folder (I can’t count how many times I’ve tested this before sending it to QNAP). But this migration will only be done, when performing an update.

If you have installed the new version as an update, I will take another look, why it might not have worked as expected.

You can also solve this manually:

  • Stop RoonServer in the App Center (important!)
  • Open FileStation and navigate to your specified database directory
  • Open the RoonOnNAS folder there
  • create a new folder in it (e.g. “tempDB”) and move the RoonServer and RAATServer folders into it
  • Your previous database folders should be outside the RoonOnNAS folder. Move them into the RoonOnNAS folder
  • Start Roon Server again in the App Center.

Thanks, I’ll try the manual approach. So should the ‘RoonOnNas’ folder be at the top level of the current RoonServer folder? For example, I have a USB SSD stick as a data volume on my QNAP which is mounted as RoonServer. So should my path be RoonServer > RoonOnNAS or should RoonServer be renamed to RoonOnNAS?

I’d did this as an upgrade, not a new install.

Also the RoonOnNAS folder didn’t get created and so doesn’t exist.

What should the new Database folder end up being?

This is how it looks when installed: -



Thanks @Scotav. It basically looks like the folder creation somehow failed

Any news? No way to make it work

You can try the steps above from @crieke but I couldn’t get it to work. I eventually ended up having to do a new install and then restore from back up. Less than ideal but at least it’s working again.

I wouldn’t be able to do that, I need a new update that adjusts everything.

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