CORE disconnect issues

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Intel NUC8i5BEH1 running ROCK 1.7(build 571)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Rogers Gigabit, Model unknown all wired except remote

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Cambridge 851N, CAT5e, NAS over network wired with CAT5

Description Of Issue

Loss of connectivity to CORE resulting in music stopping
851N using latest firmware (Beta)

Why am I getting no answers to this issue?

I was just playing an album from Tidal and the screen on the 851 starting to flicker and created only a buzzing digital noise through the speakers. I had to do a full power down and restart. Roon found the 851N immediately with the previously playing album still on screen. Seems to be playing fine now. No idea if these issues are related or not.

Hi @MES2,

Can you access the Web UI? If so, can you share a screenshot of it?

Have you rebooted since this issue occurred?

Hi Dylan,

I rebooted the CORE and Modem this morning but I haven’t used the 851N since.

It may be worth noting a had my CXN V1 running all day today and I can’t remember the CXN having issues at any other time like the 851N does.

Is this what you are looking for?


Hi @MES2,

Can you click on the IP address there ( and post a screenshot of the page that’s opened? Should look something like this:

Here it is.

Hi @MES2,

Thank you for the screenshot! It looks like you’re missing your ROCK codecs, which might be related, can you please try to install the codec and see if that helps?

I knew I was missing those and there are occasional problems associated to that however I always get a message in those situations, the track fails and then the next one plays. This is different as the core disconnects and it (and/or the 851N) normally needs to be restarted. I will however try and get the codecs loaded to eliminate it as a cause. Would the use of Airplay with the CXN make that a non issue? I may try running the 851N on Airplay to see if it isolates the issue if that is the case. I just received a CXN V2 so I will be testing it as well in the next few days

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Codecs added and I now have this:

So I think this will eliminate this as a potential cause.

I will test for a bit and let you know

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Hi @MES2,

Thanks for the update and for installing the Codecs, do let us know if the issue is resolved following this change!

Ok, I haven’t had too much time on the 851N system, but I have added a CXNv2 that gets more play. This system has replicated the issue a number of occasions. The music stops, player display shows || pause and the remote, iPhone XS says searching for roon core and then settles at “select and audio zone”. This is identical to the problem with the 851N. Thoughts or ideas?

I cannot remember this happened when using the old CXNv1 with Airplay. Also, I don’t use my Air laptop as the remote that often, but I am almost sure it does not happen (at least not as regularly) if ever. But I cannot be sure as I often have multiple remotes active and use them interchangebly. I have noticed that while using the iPhone remote App my phone will not ring, it seems to go direct to voice mail. Is the roon app causing this? Could that be related?

I’ve be playing roon radio most of the day and both the CXN & 851 have been stopping quite regularly.
music stops, roon remote page displays the song paused. then Select Audio Zone. after 5-10 seconds the core reconnects but the music tends to be at a different spot in the song or even a different song but will not start again unless I hit play. This has been happening with the Air laptop as remote. I wanted to ensure that other apps on the iPad or iPhone are not causing the disruption and it appears the issue is something else.

These symptoms sound like your entire network is dropping, especially if music stops, you disconnect from the Core and what seems to be WiFi calling stops working.

What is the model of your router? If it’s ISP provided, you will likely have a much better experience if you try to use a consumer-grade one.

So if it is Network, surely it would have to be more than WiFi correct? The CORE, NAS, 851N, CXNv2 are all wired meaning if it is a WiFi issue the remote momentarily disconnecting disrupts the entire system. And the remote is the only device on WiFi. I can certainly run the Apple Laptop wired as remote to test that.

The other issue I have with this is that these disconnections do not happen if I use the system with AirPlay. Surely an entire Network failing would cause AirPlay to fail as well? It did when I had a failing network cable running the CXN. I also have no similar symptoms when running Tidal direct via the Cambridge App, or streaming the NAS via the Cambridge App. Surely Network dropping would affect that as well, not to mention the ISP television service?

I am not an IT expert but if only one of multiple applications is failing on a Network then logic would dictate that application is the issue and not the Network?

Hi @MES2,

All of these connection types use different communication protocols, while the download speeds might be fine, something could be going wrong with your Multicast settings, and Roon heavily relies on Multicast for Core and Device Discovery.

Let’s do this:

  1. Please reproduce the issue and note the exact local time + date + track you notice a failure on
  2. Use these instructions to access your Roon Core logs and send me a set

Also, please confirm your router model/manufacturer, we have some specific router configuration suggestions under our Networking Best Practices Guide

Hi Noris,

A few questions and updates.

  1. I hardwired my Laptop as the controller and the system ran uninterrupted for hours.

  2. return to using a controller on WiFi, whether the same Laptop, iPhone or iPad and the issue returns.

  3. The issue is quite random and varies in frequency so i suspect that this WiFi calling you mentioned is related and depending on the timing of the WiFi inconsistency may allow the system to run well for periods but also could cause frequent or even constant stoppages.

  4. Roon radio seems particularly more prone to stoppages than manually setting a queue. This leads me to think that something may be timing out searching for the next track while WiFi is down but when the track is already chosen perhaps the controller 's loss of WiFi does not affect the system as the rest is hardwired.

  5. It looks like the Modem/router is the Arris XB6. I will look at the recommended settings to see if anything can be optimized. ALL of the devices, wired and WiFi are DHCP. I could find no settings similar those listed on the best network practices ie multicast etc

I will sit down in the next few days and reproduce the issue a few times and send some logs.

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Hi @MES2,

If the issue only occurs when using WiFi, it is possible that your WiFi channels are over-congested. You can also try switching the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz channels in use to something less congested, possibly this will help as well.

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