Core dropping connection

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Ryzen 3 based home server running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Server also runs Docker with approx. 10 low resource docker containers. CPU is running 20% on average when playing music. I’m using a Qobuz subscription.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

All endpoints use ethernet. One Roon bridge endpoint uses Wifi. The core is connected through ethernet, 1gbps network.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Windows 10 with Creative ZxR internal soundcard (WASAPI exclusive mode), ethernet
Raspberry Pi 4 with DAC Pro+ dac as HifiBerry endpoint, ethernet
Raspberry Pi 3 running Ropieee configured as Roon Bridge, mainly used as display and skipping songs, Wifi connected

Description Of Issue

The Windows 10 looses connection to the core from time to time. Always during songs. When connection is restored, the ZxR isn’t detected and I need to restart Roon. This usually happens when playing High Res audio through Qobuz.
I have a 1Gbps down/50Mbps connection with my cable provider with an average speed of 850/49 Mbps.

Hi @Frank_Eersels,

If you’re playing music during this time does it continue to play, or does it stop too?

Do you have any other remote devices? Do they lose connection to the Core at the same time?

Hi @dylan,

(edit: it does not continue to play)

No, however, the song resumes where the connection was lost if you hit play. Ropieee looses connection too when the connection is dropped on the Windows 10 endpoint. Ropieee is configured as a Roon Control Zone for the Windows 10 PC so I guess it’s logical it looses its connection too.

Hello @Frank_Eersels, can you tell me the model number of your router? Have you tried a different Ethernet cable?

Hi @nuwriy,
My router is a cable modem provided by my ISP (Telenet). Furthermore I have two switches, one TP-Link 48-port switch and a 4-port switch. The PC having problems is connected to the 4-port switch. Network speeds appear to be normal and reports 850Mbps down and 49Mbps down on the PC having the Roon core dropouts.

Some observations. Friday I mostly used the HifiBerry endpoint without any issues. When I switched to my PC, it lost its connection to the Roon core in the middle of the second song of the same album I previously streamed troublefree on the HifiBerry (Idiot Prayer - Nick Cave, 24/96). I noticed an error message in Roon that Qobuz was unable to stream the song. This message isn’t always displayed when the connection to the core is lost.

Today, again on my PC, it lost its connection to the Roon core in the middle of the first song. When playing the same album in Qobuz in the same quality, no drops occur.

These are the results from taken on the server:


These are the results taken on the PC:

@nuwriy, @dylan : Creative published new drivers on November 6th for the Z-series soundcards. The issue seems fixed after installing these.

Thanks both for your assistance!

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Hello @Frank_Eersels, and thanks for the update! Please let us know if you have any further issues.

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