Core general sluggishness not just search

Roon Server Machine

7i7 rock

Networking Gear & Setup Details

UniFi router aps and switches

Connected Audio Devices

Any playback zone

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Likely down to the other slow issues this latest release has caused. Switching a queue to another zone is incredibly slow compared to what it was prior to this release. Taking up to 10-20 secs to register.

When adding music to library and analysing there is a large delay in playback actually actioning. This has never happened before it’s never struggled with it.

Analysis in general is also dead slow compared to what it was prior.

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Performed a core reboot. Sped up the performance for switching zones. Not got anything to add to my library so cant check that side of things. Will see how long it takes to get to the same sluggish performance.

Hi @Simon_Arnold3,

Thanks for the reports, we’re continuing to investigate database performance issues. We’ll keep this thread open for now but set an autoclose for after the next release.

Hi @Simon_Arnold3,

In the event you’re interested, we are testing some improvements for performance slowness in EA right now. Once beta tested, these should be released in a public build soon.

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I hope it fixes things. Thanks for the upate Connor.