Core Losing Connection - and Audio pops

Hi - so the good news is that I look Roon enough to have purchased the lifetime licenses after my trial period ended. The bad news I’m only 4 days in and have roon into a recurring issue (2 issues)

  1. My core keeps losing connect with my devices -its solved by a Manual quit of roon and relaunching of the application. My core is a new MacBook Pro with the apple chip. It is connected via eithernet cable (via a “c” to ethernet converter (uni) directly into my Luxul Switch which in turn is directly connected to my xfinity router.

  2. The other problem I’m having is consistent (several times a day) bad audio (popping) - its happened with both Tidal and Qobuz.

I can stream directly from Tidal and Qobuz through my Sonos app to my sonnos connects or airplay with no problem at all - no pops, no loss of connection.

I’m about to install a dedicated audiophile 2 channel system in my family room with its own streamer (will be an Auralic GS1 driving by McIntosh Amp, tube preamp and sound correction system) and am planning to install a nucleos as the core. Will this solve the problem, As I type this I have lost connection again (so Joan Baez has left me for the rest of this email - sadly).