Core Migration to server

If you were moving your Core from a laptop to a server and were not concerned about preserving playlists or any other bespoke elements… can you simply do a fresh install? Roon server software on the server and delete everything on the laptop and a new install?

Many thanks…

You’d lose more than playlists (library, too) – it would be like you’re using Roon for the first time.

It will work fine (I think you’ll be asked to de-authorize your existing laptop instance when logging into the new server), but I’m not sure I’d call that a “migration.”

Why not Backup migrate then restore you’d keep everything

If your library is small and you WANT a clean start that’s another thing.

I moved from desktop to NUC/ROCK doing the BU / Restore bit , works fine

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I will attempt a back up…

It should be simple , indeed it should be routine , the restore may take some time depending on your library size

In an attempt to make Roon actually useable on my M1 Mac Mini, I’ve just done a switch from Core to Server.

I wouldn’t bother with a fresh install as the process is remarkably easy.

Basically all you need to do is make a backup, close Roon, rename your Roon folder to Roonserver, install Roonserver, open it, restore from the backup then wait while stuff happens.

It really is dead easy.

You can even use your old Roon Core install as a remote to control Server on the same machine.

The jury is still out whether the switch to Server will control the out of control memory that has made Roon Core unusable on my machine, but at least trying it is easy.

So far Server needs about 25% less memory than Core. The big test will be whether that increases over the next few days in the way that Core does (requiring constant restarts).

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Thanks… I will give it a go over the weekend.

Your luck may be better than mine, but running Roon Server doesn’t solve this problem. When I first launch it on my Mac mini (16GB RAM) it takes around 3.9GB of RAM. After a few days this creeps up to over 6GB and Roon becomes sluggish … until I restart the core. Work is underway to switch the Mac version to .NET 6.0 and ARM native, which should improve performance and memory management, but until then regular restarts will probably be required.

Have bought a MacMini, hard wired to router, installed Roon Server, restored from backup. Seems to be working as before. Because of my set up I can’t directly connect my NAD M10 to the MacMini - so I guess it’s talking to the M10 over wifi? Not sure if there are any limitations because of that.