Core not found when trying to open Roon App

I don’t have a monitor to attach

Maybe I don’t understand what you are asking me to do

On boot the Nucleus will display a few messages, if you have a monitor attached to the HDMI port.

If the boot drive is dead, then there will be nothing. If the boot drive is still good, you should see an IP address. Hopefully the same address as your router shows.

If you don’t have a monitor, a TV might do. Dunno.

How do I send you a photo? It tells me that the web UI can be directly accessed at But that doesn’t work when I enter it. It is also still called a ROCK on my TV monitor

This bothers me. A Nucleus shouldn’t be called ROCK, unless at one time you named it that in Settings. Then that’s an unfortunate name to use, but it doesn’t hurt anything.

Since you got a display with an address, then your boot drive is probably ok.

Is the address you got the same as the router shows?

Yes the address is the same. It is the same as the Nucleus always was. I never changed the name but I always write down the up addresses for all of my stereo equipment so I have that address recorded

What’s odd is that Rock is once again seen but clearly something is wrong with the IP stack. Roon on reboot got its IP address from the router, yet it would seem the Roon OS doesn’t seem to be loading correctly. I figured the reboot after restarting the router was needed, since Roon has a habit of not releasing a prior IP address. Rebooting must have at least got it initiate a DHCP request to the router for a new IP address. Bummer that the OS isn’t going all the way.

I think the idea of using a monitor would at least eliminate the network side of things to a degree and might clue you in on where the system is failing.

I have a TV hooked up and that is what is telling me the IP address now

And is calling it a ROCK

Open a post and click on the icon that looks like a landscape. There are two. Use the right most one. Follow resulting directions.


Not sure a photo will help, but let’s see what it looks like.

Wish I could help some more but I’ve never used the technique of connecting w/o network. Hopefully the guys at Roon have some suggestions on how to proceed. It may require using terminal commands or such to dig deeper.