Core on desktop but using laptop out of the local network

Hi, I’m trying the roon player and I want to buy it, but I would like to use it in a iMac as core and then (not at the same time) I would like to use it in a laptop macbook pro when it is not connected at the same network with the core.
How I can do?


This is not a supported configuration. Some technically-minded people have managed to get this to work with some forms of VPN, but it’s challenging and not guaranteed to work. If this is a feature you will rely on then I don’t think Roon is the right solution for you.

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You can install Roon software on both iMac and MacBook. When at home select the iMac as Core and use the MacBook for Control.

When away from home, you may transfer your Core from iMac to laptop. However, the MacBook needs access to local media files and/ or streaming services. You can’t use the MacBook to remotely access the iMac.

But note, only one Core is active at a time with a single subscription, and each Core will have its own database with customisations, play history etc.

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How I can deactivate the core function in a mac and active it in the other?

Read the KB article on transferring your license.

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