Core on MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro, 3.1 ghz dual core i5, 8gb

I can’t figure out why my core is always challenging to connect to iPad or iPhone… are there settings I need to change on the MacBook to have it “always ready?”


normal home WiFI\i

iPads, Apple TV


Description Of Issue


Hello @Hank_Holevinsky, my apologies, but I’ll need more information about your setup to help effectively. Can you explain how your core is connected to the network? What router do you have? Any switches in place?

Also, it sounds like at least two remotes are having issues connecting, does this happen all the time or sporadically?

Hello nuwriy, thanks for your reply. it seems my issue is directly related to the MacBook going into screen saver mode, or power or disk saving mode. after figuring out how to turn all those off, Roon is behaving great! if you don’t hear from me again, I guess I solved my own problem.
One question: would a Roon server be THAT much better than using my MacBook?

Hey @Hank_Holevinsky, glad you got it figured out! You can learn more about Roon Server here. The purpose of Roon Server would be if you want a headless setup.

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