Core-on-NUC, NAS in cupboard, 6m ethernet connection to DAC?

Hi, I am planning my Roon setup from scratch. As an interim I’m using my macbook as a roon core host. My DAC sits near the amp and speakers in the living room. I am wondering whether there is any effect on where the other components are in the house. For example, I could have the storage (probably a NAS) in the understair cupboard where the router and ethernet switch are, and I could also host the roon core host there (which may be a NUC with ROCK). In this case, the NUC+ROCK would be connected to the DAC by a long (6 meter) Gigabit ethernet connection (CAT6), probably via a small ethernet switch at wall in the audio component cabinet. I have read differing opinions about whether it is good to have the core physically close to the DAC. How does the above sound (so to speak)?

This has implications for the importance or otherwise of having a silent casing for the NUC, and SSDs for the NAS (as opposed to noisier HDDs).

Any comments appreciated.


It sounds just perfect. Nothing to worry about.

6m is trivial.

Thank you all. Most reassuring. I’ll also post a separate but related question.

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